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Company Culture

The Manthei Group ...a place to grow!


At the core, we are a group of family based businesses. We care about our team members, and our team members care about each other.


Year-round, full time employees can qualify for health benefits, paid time off, paid holidays, matching 401(k), profitability bonuses, product discounts, partial paid leave, regular wage reviews and other benefits.

We are an equal opportunity employer; everyone is encouraged to apply.

  • Individuals are supported with a comprehensive Human Resource Department and onsite Success Coach.

  • We support personal growth and continued learning through company-wide, team and individual training opportunities. 

  • We learn from and appreciate the contributions of all team members.

  • We honor major milestones such as employee anniversaries and retirements. 

  • We like to see you happy. We celebrate and show appreciation to team members through company parties, gifts and more.

  • As a group of family businesses, individuals have additional opportunities to transition into other roles and career interests.

Join our team, apply today.

Arbor Day

Arbor Day

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